Program expands knowledge about classical music

Mobilidade Sonora Project is a social inclusion program that gives opportunity to young people who are engaged in ONGs, social programs and also to public school students to get involved into the classical music world. The program dates back to 2011 and is supported by Fetranspor Social and brings orchestral concerts for the entire Rio de Janeiro State.
As soon as Intercultural knew about this program, the students visited it on September 30th, the SESC Nova Iguaçu to watch a concert, where the ONG Programa de Integração Pela Música also known as PIM, took the stage and presented a lot of famous songs, such as the opening song from one of the most famous cartoons of all times, “The Pink Panther”. Other successful songs such as “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and songs by the number one best-seller band of current times Coldplay, were also played.
The leader Claudio Moreira, who was responsible to guide the orchestra, taught the audience a lot of terms, definitions and meanings about this classical music genre and he also presented the typical instruments used in this musical style such as the oboe, violin, cello, trombone and many others. Do you know that even some orchestras use the drums? He explained that this instrument is not only used in pop and rock music. It can also make part of a classical presentation as well.
In some songs the leader asked for help to play the songs properly and guided by the audience claps and snapping fingers, all the people there were able to take part of the songs, making a full experience of interaction between orchestra and visitants. As a result of participation, some students were invited to go on stage and had the opportunity to led the orchestra for a few minutes. Right at the end of the concert, advice and lessons about citizen’s rights and how much important it is to vote conscientiously were also given.
The student, Maria Victória Dantas da Silva, from 1004 class, told that although she has attended to classical music concerts, what she like the most was the fact all the musicians were almost the same age of hers. She said: “It was really interesting and different. I’ve seen lots of orchestras performing before, but not a young orchestra which has people that are almost the same age as me”.
Mobilidade Sonora Program has reached about 600 thousand young people. The program not only presents concerts in cultural places but also in open air spaces such as in Central do Brasil, Parque Madureira, parks, shopping malls and other places where huge crowd can attend.
What about you reader? Have you ever been at a classical music concert before? Who knows you’re a lucky person and find an open air presentation while walking along Rio downtown?
For more information about the Mobilidade Sonora Project, visit the webpage
If you want to know more about the Programa Integração Pela Música Orchestra, follow their facebook page by clicking here