Today, April 5th, Easter is celebrated in several countries around the world. It isn't only about Easter rabbits, chocolates, and Easter eggs. Lets learn a little more about Easter celebrations from different religions around the world.


Easter begins with the realities of Calvary and the Resurrection, showing the indivisibility of these two moments, the pain and the joy. Happiness proclaimed by the Christian faith culminates in the ultimate victory of life over death, good over evil, and of happiness over sadness.

The Spiritualist’s Doctrine, codified by Allan Kardec, does not have any kind of worship of symbols or rites. The meaning of Easter for spiritualists materializes in the renewing of the spirit, intimate improvement and spiritual evolution.

Evangelicals place great importance on Holy Week. It is a special period of study of the last days of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Easter Sunday is a big celebration of life and hope for the salvation of mankind.

Passover (the Hebrew, Pesach = Pass), dates back 3,300 (three thousand three hundred years) ago when Moses was the instrument of this passage by freeing the Jewish people from the bondage of Egypt.

Although the roots of Christianity and Islam have the same origins, with the prophets Abraham, Noah, Moses, historical destinations for them are different. In the Islamic faith, the prophet was a holy being with the mission of brining the Word of God to its faithful, and therefore, he could never be crucified. Easter means the renewal of faith.

Regardless of your beliefs or religion, we at Intercultural News wish everyone around the world a Happy Easter!