Filipe Chernicharo is 16 years old and he is giving a big step in his future. As a result of a partnership between the United States Consulate and Education USA, Filipe Chernicharo is the scholarship winner from CIEP 117 Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Check it out this interview and know more about his expectations and dreams for the future.

Hello Filipe! First of all, congratulations on your scholarship. We expect that you have a really amazing experience there and enjoy a lot your moment. But now, tell me, how are you feeling about all this happening to you?
I feel really rewarded with such opportunity. “All my hard work, my research, my homework and, above all, my compromise ended up to this” I'd say. Now, so young I've got the chance which only older people usually get.

Did you expect that one day would travel when you're still in high school?
Not at all. I thought I'd just see such trip happening in my life much older that I am now.

Where are you going to stay in the U.S.? Are you going to stay at a university? If so, could you tell us the name of the university and where it is located?
I am going to stay at Boulder City, Colorado. Yes, I'll be at a University which is called Boulder University.

What are you already expecting to do there?
At first, I expect to improve my English, learn more about the language from the native speakers.

Filipe, you have passed through a selection process. Can you explain how it was?
The process under which I passed had two parts: an oral interview, that was taped by our school fellow, Professor Efrain Diaz, and a written section which was made on a computer. Both the sections were about why should I be selected for such project.

Now we're almost finishing... Thank you to have you here with us. It is always a pleasure to have young motivation that is writing the pages for an amazing future. We wish you all the best and once more, that you enjoy a lot your time there. Just to conclude, would you like to leave a word for all the students?
Thank you very much. I'd like to say that we are all capable to achieve our goals. I didn't think I was good enough to even pass the oral section, who's to say go to the US? So, we are all god enough if we try hard and keep on trying constantly.

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