On 10th of July, will happen in Intercultural Brazil - USA High School, the 1st Music Festival

Intercultural's Music Festival is an event which will happen in Intercultural Brazil ­ USA High School, on July 10th, 2015. It was organized by students Renan Bergossi, Yan Miguel, Victor Simão and Igor Ramos, with the coordination of teacher Natalia Braguez. The festival's objective is to present the american music, in special rap, which is a little known and very decriminalized. And also share Yan Miguel's labour, which is music.

The students who organized the event said that the idea emerged when they decided to help a candy seller to buy a new trailer. This seller is beloved by students, because of his friendliness and honesty. ''We were talking about how we could help this seller, and we decided to make a festival, here at school, to collect money and buy him a new trailer'', said the student Renan Bergossi.

Unfortunately, the idea of helping the seller with the festival couldn't continue, but so does the festival. When teacher Natalia Braguez heard their conversation during her class, she decided to help them. In the beginning, the festival would be just a rap battle, but with the teacher's help, new ideas emerged and the festival joined new american style, such as rock.

During the festival, there will be workshops, which will have the involvement of professionals in the music area. Militaries musicians, a blues guitarist called Alamo Leal and other musicians were invited. One of these workshops will be a Skype session, with a famous musician from the United States, known by Larry Garner.

The festival will happen like that: in the morning, there will be the workshops presentations. In the afternoon, there will be  Alamo Reis will make his presentation, and next the students presentation. After this, there will be the Bombox Music's presentation organized by the school's newspaper, Intercultural News. And to conclude, the awards of the Miss and Mister Inter BrUsa's competition. 

The festival will happen in the following manner: in the morning, will happen the workshops presentantion. In the afternoon, will have the Alamo Reis' performance, and next ,the students introduction. After it, will have the Bombox Music's presentation, organized by the school's newspaper, Intercultural News. And, to finish this, the awards of the Miss and Mister Inter BrUsa's competition.

''I didn't imagine this, it was a surprise to me. We’re so happy to bring along to our school the first music festival. And bring over a lot of people to make workshops and introduce their job, present new styles of music to other people and see the people having fun, it's a really good thing. I think that the best thing to do is to see the people having fun, I hope that on Monday, after the festival, people will be absolutely talking about the festival and our job be known.", said the student Renan Bergossi.

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Written by Kremmellin Barbosa
Reviewed by Jessica Guimarães