Halloween is a traditional celebration that began in Europe hundreds of years ago. Some people really believe that the ghost of death visits  living people. Today it is a special day in a lot of countries around the world and it is more popular in Canada and in the United States.

The holiday is always celebrated on October 31st. Some people enjoy this day to tell scary stories and watch horror movies. Children, some teenagers and even adults like to wear scary costumes of animals,  monsters such  as Frankensteins, mummies, witches, zombies, Wolves, skeletons and vampires . People like to use props with their  costumes, like a black cat to a witch or a cup of “blood” to a vampire.

Children spend the night going from house to house, knocking on doors and asking for candies saying the  the holiday symbol, “trick or treat?”.  Teenagers prefer to wear costumes to go to Halloween parties at their friends' houses. To decorate,  jack – o’ lanterns are  commonly used during this time, and people  put them at their windows or just outside their doors. 

In Mexico, a similar traditional celebration is called ‘ The Day of the Dead’ – families  and friends stay together for three days to pray and remember people who died. 

Most of the people,  young or old, have a lot of fun in Halloween. “Happy Halloween for everyone, the night of  candies, costumes, fun and horror”.

Matéria feita por Italo Medeiros, revisada por Ana Beatriz Eliziária.