It was improbable but now it is reality: Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. The republicans are coming back to the “White House” and it is not so good for the American moment. Is it the American democracy? Really? I don’t believe that the researches were wrong. Just one thing of this news is good, Trump is the first “outsider” – someone who is not a politician – of the United States.

Hillary Clinton was not a good choice but between Hillary and Donald, please, you have to choose the Democratic candidate. Intolerance and Conservadorism are back! On January 20th, 2017, Mr. Obama will not be able to clap his hands for Donald Trump. The new elected president wants to “stop” the refugees in his country and the multiculturalism too.

What about political relationships in the USA diplomacy? And the laws that will permit teaching children how to shoot? What will be the future of the NATO, the international security and the difficult relationship between the United States and Russia? Nobody knows the answers to these questions and the United States of America has some big doubts. But we have one assurance, the slogan “Make America great again” won’t be completed and the world’s geopolitics is in mourning now.

Written by Italo Medeiros