English language is one of the most easiest languages around the world and it is very important to the global communication. How to learn English: you can take an English course, an interchange, travel to other countries, know different cultures and a lot of other things. But, is it the truth?

Some researchers believe that the English courses in all the countries are not so good as we think, it is because of the methodology applyed, sometimes, a wrong methodology, according to their studies in the area. To learn the language is necessary more than know grammar and vocabulary, it is important for you to practice the idiom, pay attention in your pronunciation and something similar. Here are some tips:

1 - Try to SPEAK English every day. Don’t worry if you know just five words in English and some expressions, you need to improve your skills and push yourself outside of the comfort zone that you are living;

2 - “Take care” of your PRONUNCIATION. It is not important for you to have a native pronunciation, but a clear pronunciation. Practice the words that you are not familiar with and try to identify your difficulties to solve it them;

3 - Have a GOOD VOCABULARY and STUDY the culture of the idiom. Read in English, watch movies and series in this language and try to have contact during the day, these are the tips to expand your vocabulary, name things in your home can help. Study the culture of a tongue teachs you some idiomatic phrases, expressions and quotes of the language;

4 - Be all the time with a DICTIONARY. Carry an English dictionary all the time is important ( it can be a paper one or a phone app ), who knows if will you need it during the day? You should start using a simple dictionary and with the fluence, you can use na English-English dictionary.

5 - THINK in English and MAKE MISTAKES. To make the transition from being very good at English to being fluent is teach to your brain how to think in English and don’t translate nothing to your native language, it is necessary to turn on your English brain and turn off your mother ( native ) language brain. Make mistakes and don’t be shy or afraid with it. The progress come from the mistake, it is important. Nobody will be perfect in the start of the game, you have to learn first and have fun during the process. Never forget of make mistakes.

Did you like the tips? I hope that it will help you during your learning process. Stay motivated and never give up on your goal of fluency. Remember how bad you were and see how good you are know! Don’t forget of practice, be careful and make mistakes... Good luck!

(OBS: This article has some proposital mistakes and a good quantify of it that I didn’t have attention with. I am also learning and to give you the example, I made a lot of mistakes and I am not shy or afraid with it.)

Article written by Italo Medeiros.