Cultural wheels are basically one wheel composed by people that want to share knowledge through books, music, poetry and much more with people who are attending that event.

These cultural events include several kinds of groups/activities, such as reading, exhibitions of poetry and composition, for example. However, does every cultural wheel have the only and exclusive purpose of sharing knowledge? More or less! This is the main idea of the event but not the only one. During these activities, besides passing the knowledge, there is also good and old fun, and harmony among the participants of the event and those who are just watching.

Other countries adopt the more classic cultural wheel, but this is not so different in Brazil. Here the cultural wheels are more focused on contemporary music and martial arts. Nowadays, the most common cultural wheels are those about music, and the most used music style in these events is rap. The rap is increasingly gaining recognition in Brazil and out of the country. Another focus on Brazilian cultural wheels is capoeira, a martial art which uses dance, music and most movements with kicks and punches. This martial art was developed in Brazil, especially by the descendants of African slaves. This style of fighting is characterized by skillful movements and great acrobatics, both on the ground and in the air.

Certainly these cultural wheels are very important. They can help a lot in various segments of everyday life. They aren’t just for vagrancy – as many can think. Events like these, even implicitly, give/teach great lessons and, unconsciously make us have a good partnership with our neighbors. Therefore, learn.

Article written by Victor Hugo, Reviewed by Ana Maria Alves.