English is a Western Germanic language that was just spoken in some medieval and European countries, and nowadays it is one of the most important languages around the world. The Globalization process made some changes in the structure of all the countries and with these changes, Culture and Education were also shared instantly.

To have a job, travel, and study in other countries or participate of an interchange program, English language is required. Why is English very important? Some grammarians explain that it is because the language is simple. Others believe that it can be the influence of the European imperialism and the third most interesting thesis is that, the United States of America – a world power – around the globe promoted the idiom.

This language has some “peculiarities”, including different pronunciations and the changes of some grammatical structures that are sometimes different from Portuguese. It is necessary to number the kinds of pronunciations that the English Language has: American English, Australian English, British English, Canadian English, African English, European English and a lot of other types, including “Global English”.

There are some different words for American English and British English. But with all these peculiarities, this idiom is very important to the world communication and the people of some countries learn it is as a way to change their future and communicate to the world.

As Thomas Santos, the new Regional English Language Officer in Brazil said to Intercultural News, “you don’t need to have a native pronunciation, but a clear pronunciation, speaking as the way of your country, to be understood”.

Article written by Italo Medeiros.