Voting is very important for the current society, from Ancient Athens to up to nowadays. It is necessary to change the future of the world, from the election process, considering the democratic state. Here, it is presented some usual and very simple words, but what are their meanings? Democracy, for example. What is it? According to the Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, “democracy is the worst form of government except for all of those forms that have been tried” (House of Commons, 11 November of 1947) and the concept in the dictionary expresses that democracy is a system of government in which citizens exercises power directly or elect representatives. Theory is different from practice.

Democracy is a system that promotes freedom and critical thinking in the life and mind of the people from one to other country that is going through this situation of elections. In the case above, it is not different. Society is changing all the time and the citizens, also. It happens because of the permissions that they have, it is important to tell that European people are more developed in the area of “democracy critical thinking” than in other continents, because of their historical process. In this context, French people, in fact, are the most critical people of the world, just with the French Revolution and the Enlightenment, that’s why people, in the last French elections, were so participative.

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The 2017 French Presidential Election happened from 23 April to 7 May. No candidate had the majority in the first round, so the “top two candidates” (Emmanuel Macron – En Marche! and Marine Le Pen – National Front) were in the second round, where Emmanuel Macron won the elections by a decisive margin. The next step after the election, is to elect members from legislative elections to the National Assembly. President Fançois Hollande of the Socialist Party did not try a reelection. In his inauguration speech as the President of France at the Élysée Palace in Paris, Macron said that “the world needs a strong France”, he also talked about climate change, terrorism and the future of “his” nation. Some presidents from different countries congratulated him on the triumph, including President Michel Temer (Brazil), Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany) and the Prime Minister Theresa May (United Kingdom).

The future of the country and its relations with all the nations of the world is a mistery and it is very early to talk specifically about it. His presence in the European Union is unknown and this subject is important to the future of Europe and probably the Universe, because France is one of the most required states for the Economic and Monetary Union. Considering its weakness after the “Brexit” (when the United Kingdom of the Northern Ireland and Folkland Islands approved a Referendum to leave the European Union). This is the reason why the newspapers are observing his steps. The citizens are waiting to see what will happen with their country, believing the president, but always ready to sing and speak loud “La Marseillaise”: Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrive! (…) – Aux armes citoyens, formez vos bataillons, marchons, marchons…

Article written by Italo Medeiros