The self-taught are people who have the capacity to learn things without the help of a teacher. Just with your own middles to learn - whether with books or electronic gadgets - they can get to the top of what they want to learn.

The concept of "self-taught", according to the dictionary.

The self-taught is someone that, as mentioned before, have the capacity to learn anything alone.

"Self-taught is an adjective and substantive of two genres, utilising to designate a person who have the capacity to learn something by themselves."

The difference between "self-taught" and "nerd".

A lot of peoples in the society, and even in the educational institutions, confuse the self-taught with nerds, but both are divergent things. The self-taught prefer to learn by itself, while nerds have the pleasure to study more and more. "In the reality, the self-taught feeling more pleasure in leaning process than in the final process."

Therefore, it is seen that the self-taught person has the capacity to be hardworking. Be self-taught it isn't a gift that born with the person, but yes a form of hardworking acquired over a lifetime.

In Portuguese, the word "self-taught" can be translated to "autodidata".

Article written by Victor Cruz, reviewed by Bruna Porto.