On Friday (18th), an event called "Thinking about the Future" happened on CIEP 117. This event talks about professions that students can think to follow in a close future.

On the day of the event, it occurred lectures talking about a lot of professions that a student can be. Four areas of science were selected — exact, human, biological and letters —, the professionals talked about their professions, and encouraged the students to follow whatever profession that they want, because their happiness account in your lives.

That event it is dedicated to all of the high school students, but there is a preference for the third grade's students, because it is their last year at school and they are very close to do the college.

A research was did on the event's day. This research was the objective to show which professions the students prefer:
1º: Solicitor;

2º: Medicine;

3º: Psychology;

4º: Police;

5º: Veterinary medicine.
All the professions are important, because the people have got to do things that they love. However, nowadays especially in Brazil, — unhappy — the people have got to think about money rather than their happiness in a job that they really appreciate, because the situation in Brazil it is too difficult.

Summing up, "Thinking about the Future" was a big and good event, that brought great things for students of CIEP 117, and in the next year shall be better than 2017's event, because we've got to think better and better.

Article by Victor Cruz.