We can really see the importance of learning from a book in our hands. However, what students think about reading and writing in schools? What is the importance of receiving knowledge in libraries in our school?

We did an interview with a student of CIEP 117 Carlos Drummond de Andrade Intercultural Brasil - Estados Unidos, whose name is Nicole Caroline Paiva Fontoura de Santana and we can appreciate her arguments about her experience with different books.

In response to the question: "In your opinion, how important is the library in our school?". She said: "I think libraries are very important, because reading books is essential. After all, I think learning should be made through books.". Nicole points out that, for her: "Reading creates an inner world.". She still saying: "The more I read, the more world change.". Read by obligation does not cause positive effects. However, read with the heart open the paths of knowledge. Therefore, create the habit of reading is important. The more we read, the more we see the beauty of living and achieve our dreams.

Article made by Maria Fernanda Cândido. Reviewed by Victor Cruz.