The estimate of obese children in the world is high and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Imperial College of London. The growth rate of childhood obesity has grown from about 11 million in the years 1975 to 124 million in 2016. The rate of obesity is among children and adolescents between 5 and 19 years.

The cause of these problems is the exacerbated rate of consumption of sugar and malicious foods. Another major malefactor for childhood obesity is the high growth of fast food franchises, which uses chemical and greasy ingredients in their food.

Health organisations believe that if obesity continues to grow, in five years the world will have got more obese than underweight children.

Ranking of countries with the highest rates of obesity:

According to the site "exame.abril", the 09 countries with the highest rates of obesity, are:

1st: United States;

2nd: China;

3rd: Russia;

4th: Brazil;

5th: Mexico;

6th: Egypt;

7th: Germany;

8th: Pakistan;

9th: Indonesia.

The biggest villains of obesity are industrialised foods with high rates of sugar and fat.

How to reduce it?

Doctors say that for the reduction of obesity, parents shall limit certain types of fatty foods and high levels of sugar, and certainly, fast food foods. It is important to encourage young people and children to practise healthy physical exercises as well, which can help in weight reduction.

Thus, health organisations can for governments in several countries raise taxes on such foods that are sold daily in supermarkets and fast foods.

Article by Victor Cruz.