he science is the most important thing that we have in the world, because from science we might have mobile phones, energy, etc. At CIEP 117 Carlos Drummond de Andrade happened an event called "National Science and Technology Week". In that event, the school received lecturers, students from others schools, and an open science fair.

How it works?

In the event, we have the presence of several speakers/lectures who talk about themes that involve their professions, and many times, they tell about their difficulties and applications outside of college and even in other countries. What is important to move the event was the science fair that took place last Wednesday (25th). Students presented papers that involve                                                                                          physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics as well.

The importance of this event for students.

In an event like that, it absolutely brought a great experience to the students, who might participate in an event of this size, meet different people and obviously have the chance to change their thinking about science, see that everything has its side A and B side.

Professionals and students opinion.

With some issues related to the event, professionals said it was a great honour to have experienced such a moment. They also continue to say that being able to leave a student closer to a university and professional reality is splendid.

Once, students say that it was an important event for high school, and that many times they do not need to be in a classroom to learn.

Thus, the "National Science and Technology Week" was able to show a totally different view of what we've got about the world of science.

Article by Victor Cruz.