Poetry is the "art of composing through verses, a mode of artistic expression characterized by the use of specific rules, sounds, or syntactic structures.". How can this relate harmoniously with philosophy? After all, what is philosophy? It's the "reason of human existence; all the reflections that seek to understand the reality, from the right.". In a natural context, it is difficult to see the world through these two wonders. But in our routine, they are present at all times.

The perception of philosophical importance in our lives is usually discarded from our daily schedule. For us, students and lovers of this science, it is evident the irrelevance with which Philosophy is treated. However, we can assimilate it to our way of life and, also to the way of our writing.

Michel de Montaigne told us, "Philosophy is nothing more than sophisticated poetry." However, even though there is such a relationship between them, most people regard them as relative and distinct knowledge.

We can relate this knowledges with the situations of our lives. All the time, we are talking to different people and we appreciate the Nature. This is the interrelation between Philosophy and Poetry.

Thus, we are in constant movement with our internal Universes and, because of that, we are the true Poetry books written with the more beautiful philosophical words.

Article by Maria Fernanda Cândido. Edited by Victor Cruz. Reviewed by Bruna Porto.