On Wednesday (30th), we had the event "Marginalised Arts" which was created by the class 3002 on CIEP 117, and told viewers about the difficulties that minorities face every day.

It was an interesting event, which is used to opening minds about the prejudice and racism. Black and LGBTs people did a lot of lectures on that day. Black people talked about their daily difficulties and they as well talked about Hip-Hop music. The LGBTs people told in the lectures about why they dicided to become a Drag Queen, etc.

On the day of the event, one of the reporters of Intercultural News did some researches with Black people, Drag Queens and students.

Macha is a Drag Queen, and told the reporter: "Being drag for me started in an iconic phase of my life, because before I started my transition, I assumed as a trans woman, I wore drag to express myself through the genre. Drag for me, even today, even though it is already assumed, it is a form of expression... It is to be able to open and be able to speak; to expose feelings, but in a performatic way. It is as well a form of military, being drag is a very pure form of military because it brings your own body into what you want to show."

In response to the question: "What is the main role of rap in society?", the singer and the founder of Enraizados, Dudu, said: "To protest. Finding things that are not so cool and demanding rights, this is the main role of rap, according to my understanding and understanding of the Enraizados.".

"How and when did the idea of having the event happen at school?". The organisers – Ana Julia and Kayan – Kayan told us that: "The idea in quotation marks was mine; but the execution obviously the majority was hers. What happened was: While I was at home, I was realising that, for example, some black men do not recognise drag as art, sometimes they see it as a bad thing, they even call it such a thing. This event has come to show the importance of both the LGBT side and the Black people side, that often a gay boy does not understand rap and hip hop in general.". And Ana Julia complements: " I went in for the most part to expedite, put into practice. He [Kayan] said what he wanted, and I complimented him. We rode and it went well.".

They talked about the importance of that event like "Marginalised Arts" as well, one of the students of CIEP 117, Daniel Aquino, said what he thinks about that event: "I think it is a much needed thing in every school, not just here. People need to know the culture, you know? People are very uninformed. You can make money with hip hop, it is culture. The crowd needs to know more about the culture of Brazil as well, I think hip hop fits a little in the culture of Brazil. Even coming from abroad, I think it ended up getting here and becoming part of our culture."

Well, that event was a interesting thing, because could pass a lot of knowledge about things that some people do not know. Events like that is good to the students. All the things that envolve culture and education and a bit of music is important. These things are part of the day to day of people, and everyone, in a way, must know a little more about what they see.

Article by Victor Cruz. Reviewed by Bruna Porto.