Nowadays, the influence of social media is great, and with this there is a considerable increase in prejudiced practises against certain religious, ethnic and gender groups.

 The influence of politics is on the rise with the great technology that exists. Recently, netizens could witness a certain feud between world leaders. But what can such acts do? The belief that a new world (civil) war can happen is closer than normal. Social networks help people who take pleasure in bullying or anti-religious practises. A problem that is faced daily by people considered "minority" by society.

However, such people use social media to feel superior to others, and because of certain people, we've got the high rate of racism, homophobia and religious intolerance through social networks such as Twitter, etc.

Then, could we believe that humanity would be close to civil and/or global war because of the high influence of social networks in the 21st century?

Article made by Victor Cruz.