When the issue is about black people appearing incessantly in the media, people do have to analyse a plenty of old factors using a kind of "old timeline".

Erstwhile, the racism was much bigger than nowadays, but it still happening until today. However, not too much.

So, in the old days, wasn't too common either to watch negros' films or to see black people being a lawyer, for example. Because of that, nowadays, when people watch a film with the cast mostly formed by black, some of them may think it isn't much common.

In answer to the question: “What did you think when you've watched "Black Panther" and the cast was mostly formed by black people”. The student Luan Santos, said: “Because it does not happen. Rarely does a Negro pick up the main pepel. It's the first time they've released a hero movie that has blacks as the bulk of the cast. The protagonist is played by a black actor, he comes as a hero, not as an anti-hero, he is the story of the film. It's a matter of representativeness, something that we are gradually conquering. We realise that the media is racist when it re1fuses to show the true protagonists of the story... If Jesus was born in Africa, why the media does not put a black actor to represent him, instead of an actor with European traits? If pharaohs and Egyptians are African culture, why do the authors put whites, rather than black ones, in the cast? Do you know what roles blacks are first on the list? That's right, bandit, employee, friend of the rich young man, and etc.”

According to researchers, Negros' representativeness have increasing just in those lately years. It isn't good at all. Even people saying that racism doesn't exist anymore, because they don't look to little atitudes that happen in their day by day. Say no to racism.

Article by Victor Cruz.