Heretofore, women wasn't responsible for their own image. Men's figure used to control most of the things, it includes the family, the way his wife had to dress, etc.

Over the years, women are conquering their own rights in society. A good view of that women conquering their own rights quoted before, is the film “Hidden Figures”, that debuted on 25th December, in US. The film talks about three black women, whose were conquering their own rights in their job – they worked in NASA. They were mathematical people. They were too much important for the science and astronomy, as well. Thus, that situation wasn't common for most part of the society, with that the writer wants to say that to the most part of white people's society.

People must to break that way to think about women's figure. To conclude, every day is the International Women's Day. Every day is the Equal Rights' Day. Happy International Women's Day to all women in the world. Every day is your day.

Article by Victor Cruz. Edited by Nicole Pires.