Mother's day is a separated date to comemore on different manners in different parts of the world. It's more common to call to the mother, visits, give cards and gifts. The question is "Why are you visiting your mother in mother's day when her day is every day"?
It' bad to know that.
In most of cases, mother is the person that independent of the cases of the life, cares better than anyone.

It's really crazy the idea of carrying a baby during 9 months. Her loves are surprised and pregnant belly is a normal process that all woman pass. Mother's represents a persistence and strength. They have a big and important paper on the feminism. They represents many women. It's important to emphasize that they have a responsability with the present and the future of the teenagers, that in the future will responsables. They build the base of society.
It's so important. Unfortunately, mothers are been devalued to their family. Everybody have to be more grateful and express what they really are feeling about it.
Thanks mothers❣

Escrito por Evelyn Lisboa
Redigido por William C.