We have choices. These choices are walking around our lives. Everywhere we are thinking about a profession, a dream or something that we are going to do tomorrow. We forget about today and our desires become a lie. Why?
    As it has been said once: "Everybody can be the change they want to the world", but our decisions seems to be focused only on our future lives and on how we can do our best to live in the future, not to live our 'now'. Because of that, we find a lot of problems over our minds. We forget to live the real life and we build all, minus our present.
   We can be the difference that we want to see in the world. But first, we have to get a part of a day to ourselves, to organize our thoughts and be alone. It is necessary. You are your biggest inspiration.

Article written by Maria Fernanda Cândido.
Draw up by Nicole Pires.