On the last Thursday, the Intercultural News' team realized this event to help High School students, decide or know what career following. It lasted the whole day, with many lectures about so many careers that students could get lots of information and ask questions. It was so funny, interesting and productive, not only to teenagers, who are in a moment of decision, but also to professionals who could show their way to achieve success and support with it.

These is the list with the professionals and their respective jobs:

Journalist- Journalist, Raquel Lima
Psychology- Professor, Psychologist and Professional Counselor, Ivy dos S. Passos
Biology- Teacher, Luciana Maria de Jesus
Navy- Machine officer, Natá Lima
Civil Engineering- Engineer, Cristina Remann
Mathematics- Teacher, Izabela Guimarães
Fashion Design- Fashion Designer, Costume Designer and Teacher, Laís Felipe Mazzei
Physiotherapy- Physiotherapist, Eysla Silva Azevedo
Medicine- Dr. PhD. Fábio Santiago
Entrepreneurship- Craftswoman and businesswoman, Valéria Felipe
Law Lawyer-  Paulo de Tarso
Wheel of conversation with former students- João Pedro Santana, Thamires Stefanie Oliveira, Thiago Oliveira, Sabrina Simões and Juan
Dentistry- Dentist, Mariana Pisani
Computer Sciences- Gabriel Guilherme
Actuarial Sciences - Actuarial, Glenda Tavares
Performing Arts - Actor, Rodrigo Lima
Economics- Beautician, Anna Gouvêa
Medicine- Dr. Cláudio Gonçalves
Speech Therapist- Speech Therapist, Ana Carolina Pascoal
Nutritionist- Nutritionist Erika R. Faria

Palestra: Jornalismo
Fotógrafa: Giuliana Falcão

Palestra: Marinha
Fotógrafa: Giuliana Falcão
Some students talk to us about their feedback:

"I thought it was great. They had many lectures and none left anything to be desired, all with very intriguing content. Among them I liked the most was medicine."
-João Pedro, 1005"

"It was very cool! Reelly productive."
-Quésia, 1005

The Intercultural News' team would thank the students of Ciep 117 and all of the .... because of the the participation and dedication.

You can find more about the event in our YouTube channel.

Article by Ana Carolina.
Drafted by Thaís Silva.