Having as base capitalism, brandies have been innovating and creating their characteristics to call the attention of the public in a different way between other competitors. Those characteristics are based on standards and actions support by them, creating their identity. Unfortunately, brandies of reach have shown problematic identities, but whose is the fault from? Company or consumer? It is just from the company? To get in a conclusion is necessary to know some polemics cases of private initiatives that are being accused of racism. 
       Some days ago the most famous brand in Brazil of steel wool, "Bombril", posted an add of their old product called "krespinha", referring to coarse hair that in Portuguese is "Crespo". The post on the site had a big proportion. The product was promising to be the perfect product to a hard clean. But what is the problem of "Krespinha"? In Brazil in common to call coarse hair like steel wool, being very offensive and racist. The term used since black people are kids, cause problems of self-esteem up to depression. It accepted because according to the society, "you can say whatever you want if it had not the intention to offense", being an excuse to be racist. 
       Also interesting to know the recent case of the Brazilian brand called "Estratégia Concurso" that is a preparatory course to prepare people for doing exams. Being their habit give a politic position, they decided to overcome the limits through a post that had a white woman in the arm of black men that were going into a room. According to the company, a white woman was representing people who would make the exam, and a black man, people who would correct the exam. Problematics of this post are: criminalizing black men, put them always in a position of criminal (what results in chase and death of black population), reinforcing stereotypes of black bodies as big and with strong sexual activities, and putting the white woman in a fragile position. 
        As many brandies are always reflecting the structural racism causing exclusion and encouraging crime, the right decisions should be done reporting and boycotting. In the case of Brazilian adds that have wrong content, you can denounce on the website (http://www.conar.org.br/) which is the national department for taking care of it. You should click on the box written "FACA SUA RECLAMACAO SOBRE PROPAGANDA" or even translate the site. It is really important to know a way to denounce bad adds of your country. Another way to act against racism companies is to stop buying with them. Money is power and for who you are giving power? Are you disposed to change your shop habits to put in practice your fight against racism? It's necessary to talk about those themes with family and friends, are you doing it or your militancy is just for people who are inside your familiarity? 

Reporter: Evelyn Lisboa