The migratory crisis in the United States of America aroused great repercussions recently as the situation doesn't look so good in Latin American countries, especially with the Pandemic.

In recent weeks, the number of Brazilians deported/caught trying to migrate to the United States illegally has been very high compared to recent years, even breaking a record, among these cases of people trying to enter the country illegally, recently 30 Brazilian children were deported to Haiti and 128 chilean children are in the same situation, often vulnerable to human trafficking and sad situations.

The migratory crisis can be the result of many factors, some of them are:

° Environmental disasters - such as the one in Haiti in 2010, where all Mercosur countries joined together to shelter and support immigrants in search of a better life.

° Wars and political persecution: Just like in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, this situation ends up being a great trigger for migration.

° Ethnic and cultural persecution also fit the picture, but the biggest issue is the economy, which is the main driver of international migration.

ICE arrested over 4,000 undocumented migrants, and deported many people in a short period. People fight for immigration reform, considering that the last reform was in 1996 and many things have changed, the people are eager for immigration reform in order to get new protection laws and benefits to enter the country, because when deported, many people were already in a vulnerable situation, they have no where to resort for help and can't get themselves out of this situation.

The United States is a very strict country regarding issues related to international migration and with the pandemic, the number of cases of illegal migrants in the country increased due to the socioeconomic crises in Latin American countries, leading people to migrate to the United States in search of a better life, work and study, being able to support themselves.

The United States of America continues to be one of the biggest migratory centers in the world, with about 10% of the population being immigrants, it is a country where there is a lot of acculturation and some american residents are afraid of the mass imigration, and end up being xenophobic so that there is no threat to their economic or cultural values, such act can not be legitimized because the people being victim to it are vulnerable and are looking for a better life.

Article by: Letícia Santos

Drafted by: Júlia Muniz