This Thursday, February 24th, russian troops get started a huge attack against Ukraine, sended by the russian leader Vladimir Putin.

 Earlier, Russia's president told the world reprisals if any country decided to intervene it: "Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history." 

  Right after his pronouncement, the russian military units started the invasion. Explosions were heard all over the country, even in the capital Kyiv. Russian troops advanced east and during the afternoon they already had dominated the Nuclear Plant of Chernobyl and all around it. 

Right after the attacks began, the Ukraine's official account on Twitter posted this cartoon, where the dictador Adolf Hitler caresses Putin's face. 

  According to the lastest updates, the russian troops are surrouding the capital while Moscow is negociating a surrender. 

Article by: Luísa Cuerci

Drafted by: Cassiane Araujo