As we know, the carnival is one of the main festivals in Brazil. After two years without the traditional Carnival Parade because of the pandemic, the Samba Schools come back to the Sambadrome

The parade usually happens every February or March, but this year, it happened in April. And this weekend, the Samba Schools of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro made their planet's most famous parade happen.

The winner school this year was the Grande Rio, for the first time. In their samba, called "Fala, Majeté! Sete chaves de Exu", they talked about the story of Exu (an afro-brazilian entity) and also proposed a demystification of him. That was a very important step against the religious intolerance.

Demerson D'Alvaro plays Exu taking care of the world.

The second place stayed with Beija-Flor, that brought a samba telling about the contribution of African people to humanity, erased over the centuries. 

The Beija-flor's first allegory.  Foto: Beija-flor / Instagram

In third place was Viradouro. They brought a samba about the 1919's carnival, that happened right after the Spanish flu. They also wanted to make a "parallels", once that it is the first carnival after the pandemic of Covid-19.

Viradouro started their presentation with the world beeing cured. Foto: Viradouro / Instagram

Article by: Luísa Cuerci 
Drafted by: Cassiane Araujo